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Estate Planning
“Estate planning” is nothing more than working with a client and his or her family to develop a plan to assist the family in accumulating assets, conserving those assets and distributing assets to the next generation.  For families with assets of a certain size, generally over $2 million, estate planning also includes taking advantage of all tools to minimize, if not eliminate, estate and gift taxes when passing assets to family members and charitable institutions, either during lifetime or upon death.

We strive not only to understand your immediate and long term goals, but to understand your family situation as well, and to serve as a trusted advisor to you and your family in times of need.  We have over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing various estate planning strategies for individuals, couples and families.

The most important aspect of planning for the disposition of your assets, whether it is your business, your home or your hard-earned investments, is having someone who understands you, your priorities and your goals.  Minimizing taxes is only one aspect of effective planning.  Taxes should never drive your estate plan, but understanding the estate and gift taxes that may be involved is an important factor to be considered.  BLG is uniquely positioned to assist you in determining your priorities and developing the most effective way to meet them.


  • Evaluate your financial and familial situation to develop the most appropriate strategies to achieve your goals for your business, your investment vehicles and your family
  • Consult with your accountant and other advisors to implement the strategies you select
  • Provide gift and estate tax advice and develop strategies to achieve your family and, if applicable, charitable intentions at the least tax cost
  • Develop and implement plans to provide continuity of family ownership of businesses and investment assets
  • Evaluate the need for life insurance as a tool in your plan and, if appropriate, prepare life insurance trusts
  • Advise families of children with special needs and prepare plans to provide financial security for them when necessary
  • Assist with transfers of assets to position you and your family to realize your goals
  • Prepare health care proxies & durable powers of attorney to plan for incapacity and avoid probate court involvement
  • Prepare wills and trusts (living trusts, life insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts, grantor trusts)
  • Prepare limited partnerships or limited liability companies for family assets


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